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Employing Staff & Payroll

Hiring talent that match your business culture advice from business advisors in auckland,

Are you hiring the best talent for your business culture?

Are you hiring the best talent for your business culture? We’ve summarised 5 ways to make sure your next hire is a perfect fit for the business.
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NZ minimum wage hourly rate is increasing for employers

NZ minimum wage increases to $23.15 per hour

The minimum wage is rising as of April 1, 2024 to $23.14. As an employer, you’ll need to keep up to date with the latest minimum pay rates and pay your employees at least the current minimum rate.
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Questions business owner should be asking to know how much to pay themselves.

How much should I pay myself?

As a business owner, how much should you pay yourself? It depends on how much your business can afford, market pay rates, and whether reinvestment could pay dividends.
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Due to NZ inflation and high cost of living, the NZ minimum wage will increase and NZ small businesses will be affected.

Minimum wage to rise in line with inflation from April 1

The minimum wage is rising as of April 1, to $22.70. Need to review your pricing? Get in touch, we are here to help.
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Queen Elizabeth Memorial Day Public Holiday

Queen Elizabeth ll Memorial Day holiday – what rules apply?

There’s a one-off public holiday on Monday – what restrictions apply and what are employees entitled to?
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Tips for not burning out this winter

Don’t burn out this winter!

Illness and labour shortages – business owners are under more pressure than ever before. If you’re feeling stressed, here are three tips to prevent burnout.
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Multigenerational workforce

Making your business attractive to Gen Z talent

Gen Z now make up 24% of the workforce – but is your business culture attuned to the needs of this new generation? Find out how to evolve your company and attract Gen Z talent.
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Scaling up your business

Chapter 2 – Scaling up sustainably: Grow your team without overcommitting

Growing your small business into a team enterprise can be daunting. The amount of work coming in will tend to surge and retreat, leaving you alternately overworked and underworked –
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Xero Payroll

Xero Payroll Help: Review and Update Sick Leave Entitlements prior to 24 July 2021

What you need to know From 24 July 2021 all eligible employees’ minimum annual sick leave entitlement of five days increases to 10 days. An existing employee becomes entitled to
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Auckland Accounting

Minimum wage increase from April 2021

From April 1, 2021, the adult, starting-out and training minimum wage rates are increasing. Talk to us about how this will impact your business.
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