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How we can help

Working together, flying higher, building stronger businesses

Fostering a culture of excellence means our clients can trust SME Financial to make a genuine difference – in their lives and their businesses. We’re here to be your business mentors, New Zealand wide. By building a stronger relationship, our clients can put their trust in the SME Financial team. And together we can create a more resilient business.

Lift your day-to-day business

By asking the right questions and implementing the most up-to-date software, SME Financial can reduce the amount of time you need to spend on basic business administration.

Our goal is your success – we work with you on finding ways to streamline your business success. We not only look for ways to tweak the small costs, but we think about the big picture, too. By analysing your products and services, we can identify the best areas to focus your attention – and any areas that aren’t pulling their weight. We want you to build a business that’s more productive, more profitable and more valuable. 

Free up your time

For small to medium-sized enterprises, SME Financial is the business development specialist. We work to improve efficiency, cut costs, increase profits and ensure tax payments are accurate.

Together we can build a business that runs smoothly even when you’re on holiday, so you can step away from the everyday decision-making and take a more hands-off role. That allows you to spend more time on the business instead of in the business, so you can either work strategically on your company or spend more time doing what you want. Whether that’s more family time, more travelling or even launching another successful business.

Take care of taxes

SME Financial ensures that you never pay too much tax, or too little. The last thing you want is a surprise bill from the Inland Revenue Department.

Over the years we’ve been successful in saving our clients millions of dollars in taxes – often they’ve previously been overpaying and we’re able to get money back for them and significantly reduce their future tax bills. Because our team knows tax inside out, we know exactly how to make sure your business complies utterly with tax law without you paying an additional unnecessary cent. For many small businesses that switch to SME Financial, their tax savings alone cover our basic fees for the year.

Protect your future

SME Financial can advise you on how best to structure your affairs to keep your assets as safe as possible.

As a business owner, your need to protect your personal wealth and your family from potential business problems – and you may want to protect other property when you enter into a new partnership. Our team has a thorough understanding of the intricacies of trusts, business structures and all types of entities. We can talk you through the options and the implications of using trusts, choosing business structures and protecting your investments, business and family for the future.

Change direction

Whether you’re selling your business, starting a new venture, winding up an old one or retiring, SME Financial will work with you to make a smooth transition.

Our team is here to help you pivot: Ready to start a new business? We can help you choose the best structure, forecast your potential cashflow and provide you with ideas to improve your profitability from day one. If you’re aiming to exit your business, we can help you value the company and potentially find a new buyer. We can work on finance options to sell the business to a new owner. If your business isn’t viable, we can help you wind it up neatly so you can step away with the least possible stress.