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Tradies and Construction

Business Advisors tips to navigating downturns as a tradie running a construction business.

How builders and tradies can survive and thrive in a downturn

For builders and tradies, there could be a slowdown ahead in the construction sector. Now’s your chance to think about strategies to help your business survive – and thrive – if times get tough.
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Business services costs price

5 signs you’re undercharging

Is your business undercharging for your fees? We’ve got the five warning signs that can help you diagnose whether your service prices are too low.
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Due to NZ inflation and high cost of living, the NZ minimum wage will increase and NZ small businesses will be affected.

Minimum wage to rise in line with inflation from April 1

The minimum wage is rising as of April 1, to $22.70. Need to review your pricing? Get in touch, we are here to help.
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Our NZ business Advisors can help you prepare your NZ business for a downturn in economic cycles. Let's look at the NZ economic outlook for 2023!

2023 might be tough, but it’s all part of the economic cycle – and there will be opportunities

After six economic cycles, seasoned NZ business advisor, Geoff Hamilton, knows that a downturn is no reason to panic. Now, he shares some insight on some of the unique opportunities and challenges NZ business owners may find in the next 12 months.
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Growing small nz trade businesses with Xero apps and simPRO

SME Financial event helping trade businesses achieve their goals

Learn more about how SME Financial is helping NZ small businesses to grow their trade business by connecting them to the right xero apps.
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Free business advice for growing nz trade businesses

Free Business Advice for growing NZ Trade Businesses

Free business advice to help grow your NZ trade business. We will help you identify the Xero apps to suite your individual business needs. Here's how you can take advantage of this limited-time offer.
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Overdue Account Image

6 tips for chasing invoices without annoying your clients

As a small business owner, trying to chase payments while not annoying your clients can be a challenge. Here are 5 tips for getting those outstanding invoices paid while maintaining good relationships.
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Working on your business

Chapter 4 – Work on your business, not just in your business

When you look down your list of jobs, which ones get done first? If you want to setup your business to grow, it is time to prioritize working on business and not just in it. Here's how.
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track Business Growth

Chapter 3 – Keeping track of your growing business

Business growth is an exciting prospect, but it can also be tricky. If you are looking to grow your business, here are some things you should consider.
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Scaling up your business

Chapter 2 – Scaling up sustainably: Grow your team without overcommitting

Growing your small business into a team enterprise can be daunting. The amount of work coming in will tend to surge and retreat, leaving you alternately overworked and underworked –
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