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Meet the team

Geoff Hamilton

Geoff Hamilton BCom, CA


With five decades of accounting experience underneath his belt, Geoff specializes in helping small businesses grow and thrive through various initiatives, which includes advising business owners through The Value Builder Programme.

Manisha Kesha

Manisha Kesha BCom, CA


Manisha is a highly experienced accountant with a wealth of knowledge and a knack for making Kiwi businesses more profitable.

Kunal Topiwala

Kunal Topiwala BCom, Grad Dip Com, CA


Kunal is known for meeting the needs of extremely complex businesses and sorting out the thorny issues. He's passionate about seeing business owners increase the value of their businesses through statistically proven methods used in The Value Builder Programme.

Angie Quilaguy

Angie Quilaguy BEcon


Angie has always enjoyed working with numbers and solving problems, so economics and accounting were a natural fit for her. With a bachelors degree in economics from La Salle University in Colombia, she moved to New Zealand to improve her opportunities.

Akshinee Patel

Akshinee Patel BCom, BSc, CA


Akshinee has always loved working with numbers – even when she was in high school she found accounting classes much more interesting than her other subjects. She completed a conjoint degree in computer science and accounting at Auckland University and once again it was the accounting that she really enjoyed. A born and bred Aucklander, she likes to relax with a book or have some fun doing Indian dancing.

Rachel Wang Client Advisor

Rachel Wang BFin, MProfAcctg, CA


Rachel holds a Bachelor of Finance from China and a Master's in Professional Accounting from New Zealand. She fell in love with New Zealand's relaxed lifestyle and culture, deciding to stay and qualify as a Chartered Accountant. As a client advisor, she enjoys making a meaningful difference to her clients' situations. Outside work, Rachel loves hiking, visiting outdoor markets, and participating in social activities in Auckland.

Rony Roby

Rony Roby BCom


Rony has worked as an auditor and accountant in both India and New Zealand, and is in the process of becoming a Chartered Accountant. He moved to New Zealand in 2015, after comprehensively researching his options, and he loves living in Auckland. Rony has a bachelor of commerce degree from Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala, as well as the equivalent to a graduate diploma in accounting.

Olivia Woodfield

Olivia Woodfield BCom


Having completed her BCom in accounting and commercial law, Olivia plans to become a Chartered Accountant so she can provide her clients with the best possible advice and guidance.