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Value Builder

Do you want to know how much your business is actually worth? The answer may surprise you. 

Exit while you're ahead

If an offer was made for your business today, would you be ready to sell? Do you know how much your business is worth? The Value Builder System™ uses statistically proven methodology to significantly increase the value of your business. 

How much is your business worth?

You may be overestimating the value of your business

Most owners like to think that their businesses are highly valuable – all that potential! But are you overlooking factors that are holding your business back?

You’ll see the same thing when you’re buying a house. Sellers think their homes are hot property, because they have them set up just the way they like, and they’re used to all their idiosyncrasies. It’s not until they try to sell that they’re forced to see the reality: as a buyer, you can see all the faults and you won’t pay any more than the house is worth.

When you’re the one selling, it’s best to get an expert to give you an accurate valuation and tell you how to cost-effectively boost your potential sales price. It’s just the same with your business.

Grow the value of your business today


As business owners, we tend overstate all the positives in our business and minimise the negatives. If you go to sell, it can come as a nasty surprise to learn what buyers really think about the way you run your business and what it’s worth. It’s much better to learn how to grow the value of your business now, boosting your investment and increasing your wealth.

Business owners who work with a Certified Value Builder advisor increase the value of their company by up to 35% in the first eight months.

What the Value Builder System will do

The Value Builder System™:

  • Gives you a Value Builder score;
  • Helps you identify areas to focus on that will build your company’s value;
  • Guides you to create a company that runs without you;
  • Shows you how to step back and reclaim your life;
  • Makes your business valuable and easier to sell.
Get your value builder score to make your company more valuable

Start by getting your Value Builder score

By clicking on the “Get My VB Score” button below and answering a few questions about your business, you can get your Value Builder Score in minutes. This gives you a scorecard that can help you and your advisor diagnose the issues that are holding your business back.

Working together to improve your score creates a business that runs itself, so you get your life back, and grows the value of your organization to any potential buyer.

How to get the Value Builder Score for your business


Here at SME Financial, we have two Certified Value Builders who can support you to build a company that runs without you. Get in touch today and Geoff or Kunal will talk to you about the next steps.

Certified Value Builder Advisors