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HOW WE CAN HELP: Accounting Advice for Small Business

We share the latest developments in the Accounting
world and innovative business advice for New Zealand SMEs

Multigenerational workforce

Making your business attractive to Gen Z talent

Gen Z now make up 24% of the workforce – but is your business culture attuned to the needs of this new generation? Find out how to evolve your company and attract Gen Z talent.
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Overdue Account Image

6 tips for chasing invoices without annoying your clients

As a small business owner, trying to chase payments while not annoying your clients can be a challenge. Here are 5 tips for getting those outstanding invoices paid while maintaining good relationships.
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SME Financial | Accountants for Construction

Business tips: Budgeting and managing cashflow

Do you know the best way to manage a project budget? We can help you build solid, workable, and trackable budgets. Read to understand the benefits of managing cashflow and budgeting on your projects.
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Understanding Provisional Tax

Provisional Tax – how does it work?

Provisional tax is like paying progress payments on next year’s income tax. Be aware of the rules that can lower compliance costs for small businesses. Talk to us about your tax plan and get it right first time.
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Information for Year End

End of financial year: What we need from you

It’s end of financial year – time to start thinking about your annual accounts. What do you need to pull together so we can get it right and help your business succeed? Read to find out more.
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HubDoc Webinar

Upcoming Live Webinar: Effortless document management with Hubdoc

Hey - business owner, this one is for you. Let me tell you about how Hubdoc can help you save countless hours with bookkeeping, eliminate data entry, and give you back control of your business. Read our latest article to learn more and register for the upcoming live Webinar.
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