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Tax Updates & News

Navigating NZ government tax changes on property, trusts and bright-line tests.

Navigating Tax Changes in NZ – What You Need to Know

Stay ahead of the game with the latest tax updates in New Zealand. From changes in property taxation to adjustments in trust tax rates, we've got you covered. Learn how these shifts will affect you as a property owner, investor, or trustee.
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A National-led government will lead to tax, interest, and bright-line changes to Kiwi Business owners. Here's what you need to know.

What will a National-led government mean for your taxes?

Are you wondering about what are National’s proposed tax changes? Here's what you need to know about shifted income tax brackets, restored interest deductibility, a two-year bright line test and FamilyBoost.
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Budget impacts on business including tax rates and childcare

The ‘No frills’ 2023 budget – What does it mean for you?

What’s in this Budget for the Kiwi business owner? From trust taxes to apprenticeships, to avoiding a recession, we look at the items most likely to impact you.
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Our experienced business advisors answer what kind of expenses are tax deductible for your small business.

Clothes, rent, meals – what is tax deductible?

What expenses are tax deductible for your small business? Meals with clients, mortgage interest payments, and work uniforms could all be claimable – our quick Q&A will help you learn more.
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Inland Revenue is changing the GST Filing period for hundreds of customer automatically from mid January 2023

GST Filing Frequency changing for some customers

From mid-January 2023 the IR has started issuing notices to customers advising them of automatic changes to their GST filing frequency. Here's what you need to know.
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Tax Invoice GST changes to record-keeping

GST changes for invoices coming – what you need to know

Inland Revenue is making changes to GST invoices – so e-invoicing is now legal even without a PDF or any paper records. Here's what you need to know!
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Is Audit Tax Insurance Right for me?

Is Tax Audit Insurance right for me?

Worried about the costs relating to being targeted for a review or audit by Inland Revenue? It might be time to consider Tax Audit Insurance. Here are the most Frequently asked questions regarding Accountancy Insurance.
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Does NZ have capital gains on assets of fund gains?

Does New Zealand really have no capital gains tax?

Should New Zealand have a capital gains tax – or does it effectively have one already? We look at what gains you’ll pay tax on, and what gains are tax-free.
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Business Compliance

Business tips – Setting up the compliance foundations

Have you thought about the compliance needs of your business? We’ll explain the legal, accounting and tax requirements to set your business up.
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Tax Time

Reminder: End-of-year tax is due on April 7

Terminal tax is due on 7 April. If you’re feeling the cashflow pinch, don’t just ignore your tax bill – there are plenty of options designed to ease your stress, and we can help.
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