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August 2021

Goodwill can add value to your business

Goodwill: What’s it worth?

Goodwill is one of your business assets – but you can’t measure it and it’s very tricky to put a price on it. When you sell your business, goodwill is
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Diving into tax pooling

Should you dive into tax pooling?

Okay, let’s be honest – paying provisional tax can be tricky. The amounts change from year to year, and bigger payments sometimes coincide with periods of low cashflow. Not to
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Scaling up your business

Chapter 2 – Scaling up sustainably: Grow your team without overcommitting

Growing your small business into a team enterprise can be daunting. The amount of work coming in will tend to surge and retreat, leaving you alternately overworked and underworked –
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Surprise tax bill

Surprise tax bill? Here are six possible reasons

Did you, or someone you know, get a surprise tax bill they weren’t expecting? Several Kiwi’s have recently been in touch after having received tax bills that took them by
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Rental Tax Changes

Rental tax changes are about to kick in – are you ready?

Earlier this year, the Government announced the removal of tax deductions on loan interest for rental properties. Previously, interest payments could be claimed as a business expense and taxed accordingly,
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