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May 2022

trust act changes | trust beneficiary

Changes to the NZ Trust Act add more complexity – don’t be caught out!

Recent changes to trust legislations have added another layer of complexity to the management of your assets. Here's how settlors and beneficiaries are captured in the new rules.
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Multigenerational workforce

Making your business attractive to Gen Z talent

Gen Z now make up 24% of the workforce – but is your business culture attuned to the needs of this new generation? Find out how to evolve your company and attract Gen Z talent.
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Overdue Account Image

6 tips for chasing invoices without annoying your clients

As a small business owner, trying to chase payments while not annoying your clients can be a challenge. Here are 5 tips for getting those outstanding invoices paid while maintaining good relationships.
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SME Financial | Accountants for Construction

Business tips: Budgeting and managing cashflow

Do you know the best way to manage a project budget? We can help you build solid, workable, and trackable budgets. Read to understand the benefits of managing cashflow and budgeting on your projects.
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