This month we had the privilege to host a free event for trade businesses wanting to grow their nz business. We gathered businesses from various trade niches wanting to know more about connecting their accounting system to the xero apps that will best suite their individual needs.

How can the Xero Apps Ecosystem help my business?

Our evening kicked off with Liz Beale, a Senior Account Manager at Xero. Liz shared some valuable insight about how having a Business Advisor and using the right technology and tools are two of the most important things trade businesses can do to enhance their profitability.

Since 2011, the Xero ecosystem has grown from 25 app partners to more than 1,000! These xero apps have the capability of doing all the data entry for you, by sharing information seamlessly with Xero. Additionally, by connecting Xero with one of these tools, real-time data will flow between the two systems.

With a xero app to suit every individual trade business’ need, these apps can focus on particular areas of your business. Whether your priority is Payroll, Project tracking, Job management or Reporting, there is an app for you. By using xero apps business owners can finally focus on driving the business forward rather then spending time with admin.

Here is an introduction to one of those apps: Xero Analytics Plus

Would simPRO be right for my business?

Next, we heard from the fantastic Toni Duncan, Channel Sales Manager at simPRO. SimPRO is one of our favourite apps in the Xero Ecosystem. By including features for both office and field use, Toni shared about how simPRO’s cloud-based solution gives trade businesses everything they need to manage operations and grow their NZ business.

With over 7,000 businesses running on simPRO globally, this software features all the tools that you need to stay on top of your jobs.

Here is an example of some of these features:

  • Ready to use templates to build estimates and convert quotes to jobs in seconds,
  • Scheduling and dispatching of individuals or teams to jobs from an easy-to-use digital dashboard
  • Highly intuitive and all inclusive mobile app
  • Streamline inventory and tracking removing the need for manual data entry
  • Save time on invoices
  • Reduce Payroll stress with Xero Timesheet Integration

What role does SME Financial play on helping NZ trade businesses?

Finally, we heard from our very own in-house Industry Expert and Business Advisor, Kunal Topiwala. Kunal reiterated that a tool is only as effective as it’s user.

The key to the successful implementation of any new system is intricately connected to the following factors:

  1. Choosing the App that best suites your unique circumstances and business needs;
  2. Getting adequate support and training for you and your team, and
  3. Analyzing reports to keep your business in the right track.

This is where we come in. As previously mentioned by Liz Beale, choosing the right technology is only half of the journey to growing your trade business. Partnering with the right Business Advisor is ultimately what will propel you towards building the business of your dreams. If you will allow us, we want to go in that journey with you.

Want to know more about what we can do for your business? Get in touch with us today.

Together we can achieve more.

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